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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) OCR

Should you do an EPQ at Albemarle College?

Course Outline

“We welcome the introduction of the Extended Project and would encourage you to undertake one as it will help you develop independent study and research skills and ease the transition from school/college to higher education”Cambridge University

Why Choose the EPQ?

The EPQ is a unique opportunity for students to develop the essential skills for higher education and the workplace. You will gain valuable research and project management skills. You are given the independence to choose a topic and will work closely with your tutor to develop a project that is tailored to your specific interests. The format your EPQ takes is up to you; this can include a model or prototype, a written report or even a painting or event. The EPQ also grants you UCAS points which more and more universities are accepting as part of their entry requirements for courses. If independent research is something that interests you, or you have a burning desire to undertake a project and you just need the guidance and skills to undertake it then an EPQ is for you. You will be able to discuss your project and its progress as part of your UCAS personal statement and you will be equipped with the skills and expertise required to undertake Higher Education or apply these skills in the workplace.

How is the EPQ taught?

The EPQ has a taught element which comprises of 50 hours of skills acquisition led by teachers, this will include teachers delivering sessions on research methods and use of spreadsheets and data analysis alongside various other skills that will be needed by students for their projects, some of these sessions will be tailored to specific projects, ie; event management for those students organising an event. The remaining 70 hours will be spent on independent work by the students which will be supervised by teachers who will assist by mentoring and record keeping throughout.

How is the EPQ assessed?

Many skills are assessed throughout the course of this project and this criteria does not change based upon the type of project being undertaken. Students will be assessed for management of the project, their use of resources, development and realisation throughout the project and their ability to review findings usually assessed through a reflective log which takes the form of a Project Progression Record. Students will be assessed on the development of Personal Learning and Thinking Skills as well as functional skills such as Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.

EPQ Course Specification

Extended Project Qualification

120 Hours Guided Learning in total

50 Hours Teaching

70 Hours Assessment (eg individual work when teacher is supervising, mentoring and record-keeping)

Allows for free reign when selecting the topic to be researched

Learner selects topic and title and negotiates with centre/mentor

Completed in a reflective way through a continuous log.

How is the EPQ graded?

The EPQ is graded A*- E with an A grade equating to 28 points and an E totalling 8 UCAS points. Moderation is offered twice a year and a raw mark is offered for each learner with grade boundaries changing each year. 1 in 5 successful applicants to Durham University completed an EPQ in 2015.

Examples of Previous EPQ titles

Student Project: ‘Will trans catheter aortic valve implementation ever replace surgical aortic valve replacement in the NHS as a treatment of aortic stenosis?’

Student Presentation: ‘Environmental Politics: Kyoto to Copenhagen and beyond.’